Christmas Calendar - Bulgaria Mall: Legal Notice

За версия на български, моля натиснете тук.
1. Lottery Game Organizer
The lottery game, marketed under the name “Christmas Calendar” and hereafter called the Game, is scheduled to run from December 1st through December 25th and is organized by Mercury Ltd., a company located at 69 Bulgaria Blvd., Sofia Bulgaria and registered under number: 131443482.
Contact person for any inquiries: Mails* Summerfield.
2. Duration of the Lottery Game
The Lottery Game will commence on 01.12.2017 and continue through 25.12.2017. The Organizer reserves the right to terminate the game at any given moment, as long as it takes the necessary steps to inform all participants with an announcement on the following website: In case of Game termination or technical malfunction, the Organizer is not responsible for any sort of compensation to the Participants.
3. Definitions
The rules of the game contain the following terms:
3.1. ORGANIZER: Mercury Ltd., a company located at 69 Bulgaria Blvd., Sofia Bulgaria and registered under number: 131443482
3.2. PARTICIPANT: Any person 18 or older, who is a permanent resident of Bulgaria at the time of the game’s commencement. Participation of 121 Agency Ltd. members, employees or family members of employees of the Organizer is strongly prohibited.
3.3. BULGARIA MALL: Shopping Center Bulgaria Mall, located at 69 Bulgaria Blvd., Sofia Bulgaria.
4. Participation:
Participation in the Game is facilitated through a mobile device (phone or tablet) application which can be downloaded for free from Apple Store or Google Play under the name “Christmas Calendar Bulgaria Mall”. The application uses Augmented Reality (AR) technology. The Participant enters the Game by pointing a mobile device towards a specially designed wall in the Bulgaria Mall foyer. The participant’s unique application credentials are then recognized and an animation box informs the Participant if his/her entry on this particular date is a winning one. In case of a win, the application generates a code which allows the winning Participant to claim voucher with the respective winning code at the promo zone till the end of the working day. All winning codes are valid only within the date of the win.
5. Prizes distribution
The Organizer of the game provides all prizes.
5.1. Prizes are distributed on a lottery principle, with each day of the game’s duration allowing for the same number of prizes. If at the end of a Game day there are any unclaimed prizes, they are to be automatically added to the next Game day’s prize allotment.
5.2. Any participating device can play once per Game day. This rule does not apply to hostess’ tablets, which aim to help people who don’t have the possibility to download the application.
5.3. In case of a win, the Participant is directly informed by the application. The prize can be claimed immediately by presenting the specifically generated code at the promo team corner near the printed Christmas Calendar in Bulgaria Mall foyer.
5.4. Part of the prizes may consist of special discounts in tenant shops. Prizes and discounts cannot be paid in cash.
5.5. The Organizer is responsible of managing of the Game and providing information about collecting prizes, but it’s not responsible for providing the prizes from third parties.
5.6. Wining codes can be redeemed for prizes for period of the game – 1st December – 25th December 2017, incl.
6. Rules Violations
If the participant wins an award, he is notified right away. He needs to show his award code to the promo team of the “Christmas Calendar” who will provide further instructions about the price collection.
7. Rules Violations

7.1. Violation reporting: In case of a suspicion of game rules violation, please contact us immediately at the following e-mail address: It is necessary to provide your first and last name along with a contact number for further investigation of the report. Anonymous signals will not be considered. Any complaints regarding the execution of the game are to be sent in writing no later than seven days after the incident occurrence and not later than fifteen days after the completion of the game.
7.2. Violation consequences: In case of a violation of the official Game rules, the Organizer has the right to disqualify the offending participant.
7.3. Disqualification: The Organizer reserves the right to disqualify without further notice any participant 1). Who has breached any of the Game rules, terms and conditions; 2). Who is using prohibited methods to manipulate the Game software.
8. Game Rules and Announcement.
The Game rules are to be announced on 01.12.2017 on the web page of Bulgaria Mall - The Organizer reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Game at any point as long as any such change is announced to the public in timely manner.
9. Privacy
9.1. “Mercury” Ltd. is registered data administrator under the Protection of Personal Data Law with the Commission for Personal Data Protection under N: 122780.
9.2. The Game mobile application does not collect any personal data. The only form of data we keep track of is an anonymous participant number and statistical data for the app usage. The anonymous participant number is used for lottery prize distribution and claim process.
9.3. The app uses third party services for collecting statistical data. This data is anonymous and is not personally identifiable. Link to privacy policy of third party service providers used by the app: Firebase Policy.
9.4. Collected data may be used by the Organizer as long as the participant has not stated otherwise or until the Organizer has any use of it.
9.5. All participants agree to be photographed for advertising purposes serving Bulgaria Mall. All photographs and video materials can be used by the Organizer without the Participant’s permission and any expectation for financial or material compensation.
9.7. Apple Inc. and Google Inc. are NOT to be considered participants, sponsors, organizers or involved in the Game facilitation in any capacity. The mobile application is a tool for participation and it doesn’t engage Apple and Google in any way.
The Game Organizer, as clearly stated, is Bulgaria Mall.
10. Legal
The Game is not and cannot be qualified as gambling as defined by the national gambling legislation. The term “gambling” doesn’t apply to the Game due to lack of actual betting process. No Participant can experience a material loss. As a result, the Game facilitation doesn’t need a permission or regulation by the National Gambling Commission.